Law of success in 16 lessons

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law of success in 16 lessons

Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

This or some form of this book should be a part of every childs curriculum, beginning at least freshman year in high school. Why?

As an educator with over ten years experience (K-12 two years, college / university eight years) I can tell you that if a student comes to class with all the talent in the world WITHOUT an understanding (a very specific understanding) of his / her definite purpose (Hill calls it chief aim), self-confidence, a habit of saving, imagination, self-control, accurate thought, tolerance, etc. then that child will fail. And most already do.

According to Hill, roughly 95% of the people in this country--and probably the world--fail. Why? Most have no idea why they are on a particular path or to what specific end. Why is this important? Because those who do what they know they were put here to do not only will have a greater propensity to enjoy life, emit joy, spread joy, but will help lift those around them in the hundreds, thousands, millions. All the uber successful I know--millionaires, billionaires--have 85 to 95% of what Hill speaks to.

Something else to keep in mind. A well-known multi-millionaire marketer / motivational guru, Dan Kennedy, states that even if a person is talented, creative, smart, hard working, little of that matters if one desires to achieve. Achieving here means going further than just being an employee--taking on ones own dreams and making them reality flying solo without a net. Kennedy states that few have what it takes to gut it out.

To succeed at the highest level where the greatest rewards and satisfaction reside, takes great courage and much of the training Hill offers in his lessons. But also keep in mind that this book is not just for high achievers, its for everyone, as Hill states.

But why is this book important? Needed? Necessary? Essential?

Consider the following. Within 10 years of graduation, 70% of college grads will be working in a field unrelated to their major. There are variables here, but the main reason for this stat is lack of goal setting or understanding why a major is chosen, what job that major can get the student, and what the job actually entails. Student after student after student after student goes into a particular major because its what they think they should do based on what parents have said, peers, what theyve read, etc. Taking hearsay as hard evidence, having little to no idea whatsoever whether they are mentally or emotionally prepared for what theyll encounter day after day, month after month, year after year in their chosen field.

I have a lawyer friend who after 13 years of study--he began without a family, now he has a wife and three kids--told me that he NEVER WANTED A JOB WITH LOTS OF PAPER WORK. He told me a few months ago, Thats all I do.

I have another friend who spent 6 years going to chiropractic school garnering over $100,000 in debt, moved to Colorado to start a practice (with NO EXPERIENCE and a belief that alternative medicine would go over better in Colorado than Los Angeles) and cant get work. Hes piling up the debt with no income, a wife and three children. After 6 years and 6 figures of debt, hes thinking of giving it all up and doing something else.

I have another friend who began a commercial real estate business who was living high on the hog spending, spending, spending. $2000 for a Lakers game. $10,000 for a resort vacation. $100,000 for a trip to Colombia. His business is failing and he has little money saved for a rainy day. Hes lost his office, all his employees, and because hes neglected her, soon, his wife.

This is sloppy, unprepared, unimaginative, unplanned, undisciplined thinking, acting, being. All that Hill talks AGAINST. . . and more.

Lets look at why most college students will fail. Guaranteed!

Most choose a major because of a desire to get respect, for the cash (of course), parents advice, the world says so. Believe me, I know. Ive heard hundreds of students mimic what theyve been told or believe is true based on incomplete or faulty thinking. There is just WAAAAAAAY too much bad or sloppy thinking going on in the world and its the main reason people run into financial, relationship, and career trouble . . . and more.

Hill must be read.

Of course there are problems with Hills lessons, some of his thinking is archaic and eccentric but WHO CARES! 90% of what he preaches needs to be studied and studied carefully by people of all ages. Especially the young. Hills words of wisdom are priceless and cant be ignored.

His lessons come from the secrets of success of the uber successful (Ford, Carnegie, etc.), so his methods are proven before he had to prove them, if he ever did. And they fall upon ones reason or intuitive sense of right without a thud. The lessons and the logic behind them go down pretty smooth. Hill is quite the guru. Also, I just love the quotes dispensed throughout the book. Very inspiring, insightful, and deep. They stay with you; they last. Just like Hills ideas. First published in 1928, why do you think this book is still so popular?

But theres one thing I know, and its that this book should be taught to our children in high school. Learning HOW to be successful, what type of things can trip them up IS ESSENTIAL FOR THEM AND EVERYONE.

Im amazed that this stuff (like relationships and what type of responsibility / mindset / attitude is required for marriage--the most serious of relationships) is NOT taught in high school, college, anywhere formally . . . EVER! THAT IS SO WRONG. No wonder so many marriages fail, why in 10 years 70% of college grads no longer work in jobs related to their major, why most struggle financially, on and on and on and on. Anyway . . .

Get the book. Read it. Make it a part of your life. Now!

Outside of that, I really dont have an opionion, nevermind a strong one. ;=)
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12 - Law of Success

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

Rockefeller, and Charles Schwab. The book was originally only distributed to men, all very wealthy and successful already. Now these 15 laws are outlined here for you so that you may start on your path to success. Do away with aimlessness and fix your heart and hand upon some definite, well conceived purpose as a life-work. No one may succeed in life without saving money.

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My mentor asked me to buy this book Physical Copy! At the end of this post, you can download your FREE ebook version of the original Law of Success in 16 lessons and there will be a link to the physical copy on Amazon. Success in life depends upon happiness, and happiness is found in no other way than through SERVICE that is rendered in a spirit of love. Most people had never heard of this book. Most people had never read this book. In Andrew Carnegie was convinced to sell his company to J.

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The Law of Success is a book written by Napoleon Hill in It was originally released as a set of 15 separate booklets before being consolidated into a single-tome book. There were limited edition copies, which were given to many of America's most successful individuals, all of whom had contributed to the content of the book. Orne Publishing used one of these original copies to create a reprinted version of The Law of Success in This version was initially published in as a multi-volume correspondence course. Later editions consolidated the material into a single hardcover book. According to Hill, the work was commissioned at the request of Andrew Carnegie , at the conclusion of a multi-day interview with Hill.

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