Who is teiresias in antigone

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who is teiresias in antigone

Character profile for Tiresias from Circe (page 1)

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Antigone by Sophocles - Teiresias - Eytyxia Leozidis - DIrected by Leonidas Leozidis

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Madeline Miller

The Oedipus Trilogy

The blind prophet of Thebes appears in Oedipus the King and Antigone. In both plays, he represents the same force — the truth rejected by a willful and proud king, almost the personification of Fate itself. Tiresias comes to Oedipus against his will, not wanting to explain the meaning of the oracle to the king, but he goes freely to Creon in Antigone , with news of his own augury. In both cases, however, after a courteous greeting, Tiresias meets with insults and rejection. Never surprised by abuse, Tiresias does not back down when threatened.

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Character Analysis


Teiresias is kind of a cranky old fellow. But we can totally see why—even hough he's blind, he can "see" better than any of those around him. And he does not like what he sees. He's in tune with the mind of Apollo and receives visions of the future. Teiresias is also gifted in the magic art of augury, or telling the future from the behavior of birds. You might think these are pretty awesome skills, but it probably really stinks when everybody around you is doomed to shame, death, or mutilation. It's probably especially annoying that whenever Teiresias does drop a little knowledge, people don't believe him.

Tiresias: The Blind Prophet. Phoenician Women Bacchae. Oedipus the King Antigone. Analysis of Antigone Antigone unfortunately could not bury her brother. In this text, Oedipus is dead, and his daughter, and sister Antigone is determined to bury her brother Polyneices.

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