La ley de murphy libro

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la ley de murphy libro

La ley de Murphy by Arthur Bloch

If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong.

Murphology is the branch of knowledge relating to things going wrong. It is the science of error. And most importantly, there can be many interpretations of Murphys law. Murphys Law range of applicability is vast, and this book actually provides numerous interpretations of Murphys Law; encompassing every human activity.

Murphys Law was named after Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on Air Force Project MX981, (a project) designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash. One day, after finding that a transducer was wired wrong, he cursed the technician responsible and said, If there is any way to do it wrong, hell find it. The contractors project manager kept a list of laws and added this one, which he called Murphys Law. Actually, what he did was take an old law that had been around for years in a more basic form and give it a name.

Murphys Law is defined as: If anything can go wrong, it will.


* Nothing is as easy as it looks.
* Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
* Every Situation breeds new problems.

OTooles Commentary on Murphys Law: Murphy was an Optimist.

Murphys Law of Thermodynamics: Things get worse under pressure.

Murphys Law of Uncertainty: You can know something has gone wrong only when you have made an odd number of mistakes.

Silvermans Paradox: If Murphys Law can go wrong, it will.

Extreme version: If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong.

Quantization Revision of Murphys Laws: Everything goes wrong all at once.

Murphys Constant: Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.


It was by sheer accident that I found this book. I was wandering through the streets of Pondicherry, and by chance, I found myself standing at a bookstore that sold second hand books. There were three types of secondhand books piled up there: in fairly good condition (very less discount), in average condition (half of original price), and in very bad condition (if its too bad you can take it free). I was just glancing through the books in very bad condition pile when my eyes fell on this book - it was fairly new, and was in excellent condition. Then I wondered why would anyone sell it so cheap? But, then, I guessed: the shop owner thinks this book is no good to anyone, and is nothing but rubbish, and of no value whatsoever. However, I knew about Murphys Law already; and as I leafed through the book it was confirmed that it is a book of value and will prove to be another gem in my collection. It was very interesting, funny, and at the same time having penetrating insights. Although I wondered why these guys are selling a book which was fairly new at such a low price, I never asked them about it. I bought the book for Rs 20 (0.3$); later I checked the price on amazon it was quoted Rs 300 (5$). It was a very lucky day, indeed.

Behind these hilariously funny lines lay hidden penetrating insights about human nature and its relationship with error. This book is highly entertaining and witty - a sheer delight to read. The humor of Murphys Law leaves you laughing at the end of the day. If you make it through a Murphy win!

Highly Recommended!
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La Ley de Murphy - Si Algo Malo Puede Pasar, Pasará

La Ley De Murphy

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