Types of imagery in poetry

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types of imagery in poetry

Imagery Quotes (273 quotes)

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Poetic Form

There are five main types of imagery, each related to one of the human sorts of writing, from fiction to non-fiction to poetry to drama to essays.

Types of Imagery in Poetry

Imagery , in a literary text, is an author's use of vivid and descriptive language to add depth to their work. It appeals to human senses to deepen the reader's understanding of the work. Powerful forms of imagery engage all of the senses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the literary technique. For other uses, see Imagery disambiguation.

A tree is just a tree unless a writer utilizes poetic devices such as metaphor, simile and imagery. The tree may be a green umbrella or the lungs of the planet; its branches may be gnarled like the hands of an old crone or smooth and white as bone. It may whisper, rattle or bend. Through the use of imagery, a poet can evoke all the senses with descriptive language and submerge the reader into deeper levels of experience and understanding. Elementary students learn the five senses as sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Poets can use words to invite us to feel damp, cold, rough or soft. Organic imagery uses language to approximate any internal sensation, such as fear, hunger or thirst.

Imagery is the term for figures of speech or words that create strong mental pictures and sensations. Without it, a poem's ideas seem less appealing to the reader.
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Imagery Examples

Imagery poems are found in poems where the writing appeals to the senses. Imagery is one of the seven categories of figurative language. Imagery intensifies the impact of the poet's words as he shows us with his words rather than just telling us what he feels. Song lyrics are full of imagery. This is an excerpt from Preludes , an imagery poem by T. You can almost see and hear the horse steaming and stamping and smell the steaks:. Alfred Tennyson was another poet who made use of imagery.

She said— as a direct line to human feeling, empathic experience, genuine language and detail, poetry is everything that headlines news is not. Like metaphor, irony, simile and others; imagery is not just a concept in poetry, it is an important tool that brightens the meaning of words beyond the boundaries of alphabet. Opposite to what imagery mean in the casual sense, imagery in poetry is a term given to the elements that arouses the five senses in a poem. The pleasure most people get from imagery alone, makes them prefer poetic imagists to non imagist. The love for imagery made it seem, to the poets of the early 20th century, as though it was the most important aspect of poetry.

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