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john dickson centre for public christianity

John Dickson (Author of Humilitas)

John focuses on the big ideas that have shaped our world.

His journey is an eclectic one. Starting out as a singer-songwriter, he now works as a writer, speaker, historian of religion (focusing on early Christianity and Judaism), media presenter, Anglican minister, and director of a multi-media think tank.

With an honours degree in theology from Moore Theological College Sydney, and a PhD in history from Macquarie University, John is also an Honorary Fellow of the Department of Ancient History (Macquarie), and teaches a course on the Historical Jesus at the University of Sydney (Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies) .

John is a founding director of the Centre for Public Christianity(CPX), an independent research and media company promoting informed discussion about social, ethical and religious issues in modern life.

His book “The Christ Files: How Historians Know what they Know about Jesus” was made into a four-part documentary which aired nationally on Channel 7 in 2008. Now a best-selling DVD, it also won the 2008 Pilgrim Media award (see His more recent Life of Jesus also aired on Channel 7 in 2009 (see
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Jesus the Game Changer Season One - John Dickson Extended Interview

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John Dickson

Centre for Public Christianity

Natasha Moore has been heavily involved in the research behind the documentary. But not all of her favourite stories made…. Presenter Justine Toh visited the rare books collection at Sydney University to get some insight into how Christians thought about…. John Dickson introduces us to Aurea, an influential woman in the early church. She was tortured by the Roman authorities…. John Dickson speaks with the documentary sound engineer Joseph Dutaillis on the art of recording great sound for picture. Justine Toh takes a moment out of filming in India to introduce us to Hannah Marshman.

Australian writer, speaker, and academic. Public advocate for the Christian Faith. John thinks , writes , and speaks for a living. His journey has been an eclectic one. Starting out as the singer-songwriter for the 90s rock band 'In the Silence' see his Music page , he now works as an author and academic with a busy international speaking schedule. John is committed to delivering creative, engaging content, grounded in careful thought. He is currently working on the fourth volume of his Doubter's Guide series of books for those sceptical of the Christian Faith.

He will retire from this position at the end of March to be a writer and speaker on a full-time basis. Two of his books — The Christ Files and Life of Jesus — were made into documentaries that aired on national television. Dickson is also well known as an historian and academic, and will continue to teach a course on the Historical Jesus at the University of Sydney as well as pursue a long-term research project as a Visiting Academic at Oxford University in the UK. He also expressed his reluctance at leaving. I want to get out and speak about Christ in every setting I can.

“I have to jump into the fray full-time to write and speak to people who don’t believe”

The New Atheist's Questionable History Part 2

John Dickson says religion has always been heavily contested in Australia — but its appeal endures. And like many other works in the literary canon, the […]. Christmas carols are among the oldest songs on earth. Perhaps no other musical genre is more ancient and focused than […]. Honestly, folks, this business about the discovery of a document revealing Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene and their two kids […].

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