Kids crooked house for sale

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kids crooked house for sale

Crooked House by Marlene Bateman

Quirky private investigator Erica Coleman is no stranger to murder and mystery—which is why her best friend’s daughter Megan is confident in Erica’s unique ability to unravel a disturbing mystery developing in the ramshackle old house she shares with her college roommates, Liz and Beth. In the quaint historic district of Dover, Delaware, lies Crooked House—an apt name for the once magnificent home. Following an alarming rise in the number of “accidents” surrounding Liz, the girls enlist Erica’s help to stop the mysterious assailant. Soon the mishaps become blatant attempts on Liz’s life, and Erica’s initial skepticism disappears when things go from disturbing to deadly. As she uncovers a tangled web of love, money, and greed, Erica must draw upon her investigative prowess to crack the case before she becomes an unwitting victim herself .
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