Best places to play pickup basketball

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best places to play pickup basketball

Hoops Nation: A Guide to Americas Best Pickup Basketball by Chris Ballard

Looking for a game? Heres your guided tour of the countrys best pickup basketball courts, from the blacktops of Brooklyn to the asphalt of Anchorage to the gyms of Jackson, Mississippi. Its all inside: where the pros play, the most scenic runs in the land, and a ranking of the top five courts. Chris Ballard and three other former college players piled into a used Chevy van and traveled thirty-one thousand miles in seven months, playing at over a thousand courts in 166 cities in forty-eight states. This is the story of their roundball road trip and a guide to the places, people, and communities they encountered. More than a travel guide, Hoops Nation is a celebration of the game of basketball as it is played in America. It includes guides to streetball fashion, the lingo of the courts, the etiquette of the pickup world, the tricks of old-guy basketball, and tips for the dunking impaired. Also included are profiles of playground legends and dispatches from the legions of basketball lifers who populate the countrys courts. This book can tell you where they’re running today, all over America. Who’s got next?
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Top 5 Places to Play Pick-Up Basketball

We're going to Philly June Fri-Sun. Where would my 17 yr old son be able to play a pick up basketball game? The only places I can think of in the city would be gyms where you need either a membership or a day pass. Hampton inn Center city. I have seen basketball courts on Lombard Street.

Pick-up basketball games are a great way to get in shape and meet new people in the area. Pittsburgh, PA www. The Jewish Community Center is well known for basketball in Pittsburgh. JCC offers instructional programs, classes, teams, clinics and leagues for all ages, but adults may stop in anytime for pick-up games. You must be a member of the JCC to participate in pick-up games. South Park Buffalo Dr.

Go to this issue's Table of Contents. Click here to go to part two. L ATE on a Saturday afternoon the best pickup-basketball player in America is ready to look for a game. He is wearing battered low-cut sneakers, sagging mismatched socks that may once have been white, a logo-free T-shirt that is fraying at the seams, plain cotton shorts that are unfashionably unbaggy and several inches above the knee, and a brace on his left leg. He is fifty-one years old, and his name is Allan Dalton.

Serious pick-up artists who call a basketball court nirvana travel far and wide to reach The City of Angels for competitive games all over this sprawling city. To wisely choose, consider these, some of the best games in the area, each singled out for its ability to provide great pick-up basketball for every player.
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Here's a look at some Pick-up Basketball groups near Los Angeles.

A typically spontaneous activity, pickup basketball can be difficult to just stumble upon if you want to play. It also can be difficult to get a game going out of the blue. The app solves this problem through social planning and networking. Individual players can log in to the app and find basketball games on demand. The app shows where and when a game is being played. The games can take place anywhere, from a park to inside a gym. Users also can set up a game by selecting a time, place and duration and their game will show up on maps or a list for users in that same area.

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