Female martial arts fight scenes

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female martial arts fight scenes

Girl Fighter by Cyan Night

Aliyah is a cage fighter. Subverting the stereotyped idea of a Mixed Martial Artist, she works as a software engineer in London. Her life in a male dominated environment is fraught with challenges caused by her race and gender and aggravated by her childhood trauma and consequent aloofness. This is embodied in the character Jeremy, a co-worker who relentlessly taunts and bullies Aliyah. The story begins one month prior to her debut cage fight. Aliyah works hard to balance her demanding job and training regime. At the night of the fight, the three-round tournament sees Aliyah suffering multiple head-concussions, resulting in an accident.

The second part, ‘Fighter’, portrays Aliyah’s struggle with the symptoms of her brain injury and complications of her diagnosis. Following hospital discharge, her brain function declines, jeopardising her work and comfortable urban life. Ultimately, the injury leads to a violent episode and she loses everything important to her.

The story examines prejudices about mental disorders and challenges the way invisible illness is often dismissed as merely psychosomatic.

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Most Badass Female Fight Scenes

Best Girl Fight Scenes in Movies

Action cinema has gone through some great changes over the past few decades. What entertained and thrilled audiences in the past may not work today. Fans want action scenes that are more violent, kinetic, intense and exciting. Everyone has their favourite aspect of action cinema. Some love gun fights, others love car chases, but for many, fight scenes are truly a test in action cinema craftsmanship. However, there are some filmmakers who are willing to push themselves and their art to create something original. However, this list does not confine itself simply to martial arts, they can be fight scenes of any nature, even ones with a lack of style.

Angela Mao

When you think about classic Chinese martial arts films because I know you do all the time , usually, heavy hitting actors like Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, Jackie Chan, even Lau Kar-leung immediately come to mind. But what about women martial artists? - Fighting, whether sanctioned or no-holds-barred, is without a doubt the oldest form of competition that mankind has ever engaged in.

It takes skill, training, hard work and skill in martial arts, regardless of gender. Some of the best martial arts films of all time are led by strong women and female martial artists. In the name of equality, these results remind us that we like to see both men and women fighting for righteousness in an acrobatic and exciting way. So who are the top women in martial arts action films? Some of the women in this list are among the most qualified and experienced martial artists in the world.

Discussion in ' Movies and Television ' started by reggiebush5 , Apr 15, Log in or Sign up. Martial Arts Planet. I'm talking serious stuff, not cat fights. I can't wait to check it out.

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