How to handle middle school girl drama

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how to handle middle school girl drama

Popular Middle School Drama Books

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How to Handle Drama in Middle School. Drama happens in middle school, just as anywhere else in life. If you're confronted by it, or find.
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What Moms Need to Tell Middle School Girls About Friendship

The new school year dust is finally beginning to settle and families are adjusting to their routines: rising early to catch the bus, making sure lunch boxes and backpacks are ready the night before or part of the early morning scramble! Whatever the case may be for the crisis or drama, the constant turmoil can be frustrating and leave parents feeling totally helpless. As the parent of eight, most of whom are teens or now in their early twenties, I have witnessed decades of drama. Here are 8 effective strategies to deal with all the teen drama. My year old daughter has had a rough start to her 6th-grade year in middle school because some of her friendships have taken an unexpected trip down drama lane. I must admit one of my first reactions was to want to join in and get upset right along with her, but I realized that that would only add fuel to the fire.

2. Don’t fix it

Navigating the middle school years can be tough, especially for parents. The following piece by Lanae St. John, ACS , about addressing your child's middle school drama, illustrating how to successfully handle bullies and be true to yourself, was originally featured on one of our favorite sites, YourTango. Parenting tweens is not for the faint of heart! When you were young, did you have a defining moment that helped you realize your worth? What about a moment when you realized you didn't have to tolerate someone treating you poorly? I've meant to write about a situation that happened to my daughter in middle school that has shaped how she sees her value.

Your daughter comes home in tears because kids are talking behind her back, or worse, messaging online. Brace yourself. Your reaction to her will signal how she behaves moving forward. Remember to breathe. It can make you well up to see your girl in tears, and it can be maddening to think about what kids are saying about her, and worse, why they are saying it. What you can do is talk to your daughter about her reactions and potential responses, and support her through deciding on those. Remind her that she has friends maybe even point to kids outside the school community.

Join over 20, parents in the No Guilt Mom tribe and get access to a treasure trove of parenting resources. Every week, your daughter tells you of a new conflict with a particular friend at school. You are losing your mind and feel helpless. It could have been nothing. Wait… Wait… let me get this straight.

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  1. From not fixing it to processing the situation on your own time, here are 4 steps to help your daughter deal with middle school drama and mean girls.

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