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anglo saxon videos horrible histories

The Stormin Normans by Terry Deary

I absolutely LOVE this book and the Horrible Histories series. I use to watch the horrible histories show and that really got me into history when I was little. But then forgot about it when I got older. And then in 6 grade when there were the social studies classes, I really got into history again. I just find history really interesting, I like knowing what our ancestors did on this planet, what they did, what achievements they made and a bunch of more stuff like that. I also like this book because it is littered with funny and weird facts. I strongly recommend this book to anybody who likes history or gory facts.
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Horrible Histories Viking/Saxon Video Chat

Welcome to the home of Horrible Histories. Here you can watch episodes and clips, play games, and even sing along to your favourite Horrible Histories songs!
Terry Deary

Horrible Histories

The Anglo-Saxons came to England after the Romans left in the year Nobody was really ruling all of England at the time — there were a lot of little kingdoms ruled by Anglo-Saxons that eventually came together as one country. The earliest English kings were Anglo-Saxons , starting with Egbert in the year Anglo-Saxons ruled for about three centuries, and during this time they formed the basis for the English monarchy and laws. When the Romans left Britain, the country was divided up into a lot of smaller kingdoms and sub-kingdoms that often fought with each other and against any invaders who tried to take over. One of the most well-known kings from Merica was Offa. Religion changed quite a bit in Anglo-Saxon times.

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Horrible Histories is a children's live-action historical and musical sketch-comedy TV series based on the book series of the same name written by Terry Deary. The show ran for five series of thirteen episodes each plus seven full-length one-off specials , between and Series producer was Caroline Norris. Writers are listed as per credits of each episode. Original music was—except where noted—written by Richie Webb music and Dave Cohen lyrics , with instrumentals by Webb. The songs were not given formal titles; where possible their creators' names for them have been used.


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  1. KS2 History Anglo-Saxons learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

  2. Here you can watch episodes and clips, play games, and even sing along to your Brighten your day with these Horrible Histories songs! Watch Now · A viking doing a funny pose. Vikings share their fashion tips with a 'sass-less' saxon.

  3. Anglo Saxon videos are a great way of introducing the topic. There are videos here suitable for all ages of children. Horrible Histories has.

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