My girl thomas j death scene

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my girl thomas j death scene

My Girl by Patricia Hermes

When your Dads an undertaker,
your Moms in heaven,
and your Grandmas got a screw loose...
its good to have a friend who understands you.
Even if he is a boy.

Thomas J. is Vadas best friend. They live near enough to each other to bike ride over and play, or even just hang out. The two are always together, sharing their afternoons, their adventures in the lake, and all of their secrets. Then something terrible happens to Thomas J. and Vada has to learn to fill her days without her best friend around.
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10 Movies It's Impossible To Finish Without Crying

Remember when you watched My Girl as a kid and it totally wrecked you? It may be one of the darkest kids movies of the '90s, but it's definitely one of the best — and this film really stands the test of time, heartbreak included. On the 25th anniversary of My Girl , there's no better time to rewatch this classic and conclude Thanksgiving weekend by crying your eyes out — because the most heartbreaking moments from My Girl will definitely still make you tear up or, in my case, spend a solid hour ugly crying for approximately an hour after the closing credits rolled. This was one of my favorite movies as a tween — mainly because Vada was one of the most refreshingly complex, unique, and lovable female characters I'd ever seen on screen. Like every other viewer, I cried my eyes out when her best and only friend Thomas J.

There was always something that irked me about My Girl. Vada suffers from an intense hypochondria and an even more intense need for attention. No sooner does a body come in than Vada suddenly begins exhibiting symptoms of its cause of death, biking off for a check-up from her rather accommodating family physician, who seems to have nothing better to do than humor her. Not true , I thought. Vada is one of those irritatingly wise-beyond-their-years characters so common to the coming-of-age movie, bragging to her teacher and schoolgirl crush Mr. None of this, however, kept me from watching My Girl dozens of times over the course of my childhood.

It is a coming-of-age story of a young girl who faces many different emotional highs and lows during the summer of in suburban Pennsylvania. A book based on the script was written by Patricia Hermes in Vada Sultenfuss is an year-old girl living in Madison, Pennsylvania, during the summer of Harry, her father, is an awkward widower and funeral director who does not understand his daughter, so he constantly ignores her. Their house, which operates as the town funeral home , has led Vada to develop an obsession with death. Vada regularly cares for her grandmother, 'Gramoo', who has Alzheimer's disease and whose wandering mind likewise affects Vada. Her Uncle Phil lives nearby and frequently stops by to help the family.


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