Is my friend stupid quiz

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is my friend stupid quiz

The stupid quiz: 7 questions by Sean Nagahama

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Published 17.07.2019

Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!

Is your friend really crazy? A. Yes. B. Are you really asking that question, obviously!? C. No. D. Not at all. E. Im crazier then my friend. 4.

Are You Retarded?

Please leave empty:. Your sister s. Your friend. Your parents. Something the dollar shop. Something she would like to get. Something that shows your dead RICH.

But the moment you disagree or push back, this happens:. While you may have not faced some of these situations, try to imagine how your person would respond, based on past experience. NOTE: If a scenario does not match how your friend or family member would respond, please select the "none of the above" option. They walk away. All the gossip they shared about others shifts. Now YOU are the recipient of their accusations and demeaning words. Instead, they find several others who can financially benefit them.

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Well, are you? Posted on April 04, , GMT. Erin La Rosa. You have a best friend. You talk to your best friend every week. Every day. When you give your friend advice, they take it.

Look people are dumb and I jut had to be the one to point out te obvious. I mean, heck Billy Bob could come on here and be smarter than you. Bush could be smarter than you and that is scary. You are dumb, now find out how dumb you really are. Super dumb, dumb-dumb, Homer simpson dumb, Kevin Federline dumb, even Sanjaya dumb. Now you have no talent and you ar dumb.

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