Whats the best that could happen

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whats the best that could happen

Whats the Best That Could Happen?: New Possibilities for Teachers & Readers by Debbie Miller

What if...

Every year, beloved teacher and author Debbie Miller commits to trying something new. She asks a beautiful question that pushes her to see new possibilities and put children at the center of her teaching. She asks, What if we did it this way?

When we do, were present in our teaching, she says. Were strong enough to set aside judgment and discomfort and choose to focus on how to make things better.

New opportunities for teaching and learning

In Whats the Best That Could Happen?, Debbie confronts a challenge all teachers face: the feeling of being stuck and the fear of trying something new. She explores how questions help us look beyond the limitations of what weve done and discover powerful new opportunities for teaching and learning.

Each chapter digs into a question about teaching from Debbies work with teachers and children across the country:

What if each days teaching focused on childrens agency? What if we made what children make and do our priority? What if our classroom environment and routines offered choice? What if we owned the units were asked to teach? What if read aloud sustained childrens independent thinking? Youll find practical insights and critical understandings that will benefit you and your children. More importantly, youll learn to ask your own beautiful questions, grapple with the messiness that surfaces, and find answers that inspire something new and worthy in your teaching.

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Published 01.10.2019

What's the Most Unlikely Thing That Could Happen to You?

What’s the BEST That Can Happen?

My first season as a head football coach, our team had gone undefeated leading up to the final game of the season. We had a heck of a team with two great running backs, a stout defense, and a quarterback who completely understood our offense. Somehow the scene was set up out of a teen-movie. Our final game of the season was our only night game under the lights on a turf-field. The team we were going up against was also undefeated. To say the kids were excited would be an enormous understatement…they were jacked up!

Debbie Miller: I think the thing that really got me going is, I just happened upon Warren Burger's book, A More Beautiful Question, and I began to think about how he's talking about how he did these studies about, what is it about these people that are making all these changes and he did that study of designers and inventors and other people that had made changes in the world. And I just saw the link to education because he talks about how we're always doing the same things we always do and that this was true in the business world. And I began to think, yeah, it kind of feels like it's also true in the field of education. And so, it got me thinking, what might that look like and what about beautiful questions as a teacher? What might that look like and could that in fact affect change? And so, I decided to just try it out.

Every one experiences challenges. Every one experiences opportunities for growth. Every one faces fears. And every one can receive rewards for the courage of facing those fears. But, not every one is ready or open to receive those rewards. Just as there can be a limit on how much suffering you can tolerate, there can also be limits on how much happiness and flow you can tolerate.

The Breakthrough Strategist

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By Debbie Miller. In Stock. Every year, beloved teacher and author Debbie Miller commits to trying something new. We all have difficult moments in our teaching, and without a question to drive us forward, we can get stuck. But that difficult moment might be the question we need to ask ourselves.

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