Cooks country roasting pan recommendation

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cooks country roasting pan recommendation

One-Pan Wonders: Fuss-Free Meals for Your Sheet Pan, Dutch Oven, Skillet, Roasting Pan, Casserole, and Slow Cooker by Americas Test Kitchen

One-Pan Wonders: Fuss-Free Meals for Your Sheet Pan, Dutch Oven, Skillet, Roasting Pan, Casserole, and Slow Cooker

In One-Pan Wonders, you will discover over 140 meticulously tested recipes that deliver fresh, fuss-free meals from a single vessel. These recipes been tailored to highlight each vessels strengths, from imparting a deep, flavorful sear on chicken breasts to roasting a turkey breast above bread stuffing to turning out supremely tender slow-cooked beef. And each recipe is engineered to ensure every component of the meals turns out perfectly cooked and ready to eat at the same time. The result? An authoritative resource for preparing simple yet satisfying meals seven days a week.

     When you think about cooking dinner, multiple pots and pans and a lot of multitasking (and cleanup) are probably quick to come to mind. Even a simple meal of chicken and a vegetable can require use of one pan for the chicken and another for the side dish. With this in mind, we set out to streamline dinner with a fresh, modern collection of recipes make the most of your Dutch oven, sheet pan, skillet, roasting pan, casserole dish, and slow cooker to deliver dinner using just one pot (no cheating!) and a minimum of hands-on time. These recipes simplify meal prep, but that doesnt mean weve sacrificed flavor. From Skillet Spanikopita to Sheet Pan Beef Fajitas to Indian-Style Vegetable Curry, we narrowed our ingredient lists to focus on delivering bold, fresh taste in every dish. Each recipe was tested (and re-tested) with the home cook in mind, and only the most flavorful meals made it onto these pages.
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BEST 4: Roasting Pan

You cook a turkey, what, once a year? Maybe your go-to turkey-cooking method's been handed down from your grandmother; maybe you try a different recipe every year looking for a better way. I'm not saying you or your grandma are wrong, but if you're turkey is in the oven for more than two hours, you're wasting your life.
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ON an icy winter evening, there is nothing easier or more comforting to cook than a roast. Poultry, meats and vegetables all become tender, their sugars caramelizing, when exposed to long, slow, dry heat. Rub everything with oil, herbs and spices, throw it in the pan, and soon your kitchen will be filled with the tantalizingly rich, heady aroma of roasting food. If the word ''roast'' makes you think of a disposable foil pan, think again. Foil pans may be good for something, but serious roasting is not one of them. A roasting pan should be durable and convenient to use. And it is also a worthwhile investment, because it can last years.

It's a top performer both in the oven and on the stovetop for searing and gravy-making. The stainless steel construction is solid and durable and it includes a rack. This Cuisinart roaster is large enough for a pound turkey. Roasting pans take center stage at Thanksgiving, but most cooks use a roaster year round for other types of poultry and large cuts of meat. The best roasting pan includes a rack and will be slightly larger than the largest item you need to roast for the proper air circulation. Stainless steel, not nonstick, is preferred for more flavorful gravies and sauces. Lesley Stockton tests 11 roasting pans by cooking turkey, chicken and veggies.

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