She is a very pretty girl

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she is a very pretty girl

Revenge of a Not-So-Pretty Girl by Carolita Blythe

Faye doesnt mean to hit the old lady she and her friends are mugging. But she does. The old lady isnt moving, but Faye has no reason to feel guilty for leaving her there. The old lady might be ancient and wrinkly now. But back in the day, she was as beautiful as they come—a famous movie star. And everyone knows that pretty and mean always go together.

But Faye does feel guilty. So she comes back.

Slowly, Faye and the old lady form an unlikely friendship, one that pulls Faye out of her life with her abusive mother and destructive friends and allows the old lady relief from her loneliness.

But in an unfair world in which the pretty girls, no matter how mean, always seem to get everything, while Faye gets nothing, will Faye be able to keep from slipping back to her old ways? Will her mother ever be happy? Will her father ever come home to stay? And what if Faye goes her whole life without Michael Jackson ever loving her back?

Faye is an honest, straightforward narrator who is likable even in her most flawed moments and will be cheered on by readers of every age and from every walk of life.
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Is telling a girl she looks cute telling her you like her? . She posted a selfie and she looks really pretty, should I lay low or tell her how pretty.
Carolita Blythe

Different Ways to Say “You Are Beautiful!”

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By Guest Kerriganton, August 19, in soompi hangout. Girls don't like to be told they are pretty or cute from dudes they are not dating right? If anyone, even a person I'm not interested in, told me I'm pretty Then I would be flattered. A compliment is always appreciated. It's all subjective anyway. Personally, I think it depends on who's delivering the message anyway.

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